How do I choose a Bitrix hosting company? What are the minimum hosting requirements?

The following parameters are required for the product successful installation and operation:

– web server: Apache 1.3 (and higher) or IIS 5.0 (and higher);
– PHP 4.3.9 (PHP 5 is recommended);
– MySQL server 4.1.11 (5.0 and higher is recommended);

– .htaccess management is allowed;
safe_mode is disabled;
– Zend optimizer 3.3.0 or higher (it is required for the product trial version);
memory_limit – 32 MB or more for the Start edition, 64 MB or more for the Enterprise edition;
– sockets library for the product update;
– Zlib libraries (used by the compression module and for the update acceleration), GD lib (graph display), Free Type (used for CAPTCHA);

A PHP accelerator (APC, eAccelerator or any other) is also recommended.

Running PHP as an Apache module is more preferable than CGI.

You are able to test if your server obeys the product requirements – just load the following script to the site root directory and run it.
Download the script

The important thing which is not checked with the script is the permission level. It should be high enough to allow Apache and FTP users write to the same files.,

We recommend you to choose a plan created especially for Bitrix or appropriate for it.